torsdag 26. juni 2014

Nail Art Norway: My natural nails

Just wanted to show my natural nails, with base coat only. From I was a child and until May this year I've been biting my nails, all the way down to the skin. Can you believe it? From nail biter to nail art addict in just a couple of months. I love my natural nails!!!

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tirsdag 24. juni 2014

Nail Art Norway - Travel containers

I'm going on vacation to see my family.
I wanted to take my new hobby with me.
 I found room for almost all my nail stuff
in these two coontainers!

I have a lot of polishes, all my glitters and all my other nail deco, 
acrylic paint, all my brushes, nail polish remover, fake nails,
nail glue, dotting tools etc.

I can't believe it all fit into these two small containers!
-And I'm happy! =)

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mandag 23. juni 2014

Nail Art Norway: My Nail Art Decor/ Tool Collection

I can't state that enough, really. I bought all my nail decor stuff on eBay, and I have the longest wishlist... There is still a couple of items I ordered that I haven't received yet, like some dried flowers. I didn't check my mail yesterday or today, though.

I will post about my experience with buying off of eBay in another post, and give some friendly advice to newbie - buyers

Let's get on to my nail art decor collection:

500pcs white acrylic full tips 

 500pcs pink acrylic full tips 

 Cavial bead chain - Silver

 Cavial bead chain - Silver
 Acrylic bows assorted colors wheel

 Assorted nail art decor wheel

 Clay flowers

  Assorted nail art decor whee

 Xmas metal slice wheel assorted
  Assorted nail art decor wheel

 Fimo slice wheel - Animals & Insects

 Fimo slice wheel - Animals, cartoons
 Fimo slice wheel - Assorted
 Fimo slice wheel - Flowers

 Fimo slice wheel - Geometric
Fimo slice wheel - Butterflies 

 Nail tip guides
 24 assorted glitters

 60 assorted glitters

 5 bottles nail art glue

 Black lace stickers

 White lace stickers (x2)

 LED Lamp

 Nail polish correction pens

 Off white pearls assorted

 Off white pearls assorted sizes (x2)

 Black multicolored pearls assorted sizes
Multicolored pearls assorted sizes
 Nail piercings assorted

 10pcs Alloy

  10pcs Alloy

  10pcs dangle Alloy

 Rhinestones ass. color/ shape/ size

 Rhinestones ass. color/ shape/ size

 Rhinestones black ass. shape/ size

 Rhinestone flowers ass. color

 Colored rhinestones

 Rhinestones multicolored (I LOVE THESE!!)

 Rhinestones multicolored (I LOVE THESE!!)

  Rhinestones assorted size/ shape

  Rhinestones assorted size/ shape

  Metallic rivets assorted size/ shape/ color

  Metallic rivets assorted size/ color

  Metallic rivets assorted size/ color
 Metallic rivets assorted size/ shape/ color

 Golden seashells 50pcs 3mm & 50pcs 5mm

 Silver seashells 50pcs 3mm & 50pcs 5mm

 Stamping machine

Nail stickers - 30pcs

 Striping tape 50pcs
 More striping tape - 30 pcs
 Brush set
 Dotting tools

Supposedly rhinestone picker - it's really just white crayons - DO NOT BUY!
(You are far better off just buying tooth picks and dip them in water to pick up your rhinestones)